Welcome to the Institute of Nuclear Physics AS UZ!

Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) was founded in 1956 in Tashkent.
Throughout its history, INP conducted research in high energy physics, physics of atomic nuclei, activation analysis and radiochemistry, radioisotope technologies, solid state physics and radiation hardness of materials, reactor technologies, physics of accelerators etc. The main products of Institute are reactor and cyclotron isotopes, water purification devices, non-standard equipment etc.

Facilities (Experimental Set-Up and Methods) of INP

  • nuclear 10-MW reactor WWR-SM, gamma - irradiation facility, U-150 and U-115 cyclotrons, neutron generator;
  • nuclear spectroscopy methods;
  • activation methods (charged particles activation, neutron activation);
  • methods based on nuclei and atoms excitation (neutron-capture, X-ray-fluorescence);
  • spectrometry (ESR, thermo-gamma-luminescence, photoconductivity, spectroscopy methods, absorption spectrum, mass-spectrometry, neutron-activation analysis);
  • structural studies (autoradiography, neutron-diffraction, X-ray structural analysis, the method for lattice parameters study, mechanical and micro-hardness parameters measurements).
  • Research Fields

  • nuclear physics, heavy ion relativistic physics, elementary particle physics;
  • nuclear spectroscopy, nuclear reactions, theoretical and mathematical physics, cosmology;
  • radiation physics of solid matter, radiation physics of semiconductors, dielectric glasses, optical and ceramic materials, condensed matter physics at low temperature, superconductivity, spectroscopy;
  • radiochemistry, analytical chemistry, activation analysis, scientific device construction, radionuclide production, environmental problems.
  • Productions and Services:

  • Radioactive isotopes, radioisotope devices (level meter, density meter);
  • Filters for water and air purification;
  • High purity metals;
  • Pharmacy production and sterilization of medical instruments;
  • Sample irradiation.

The Institute has wide international relations with: European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland), Fermi National Accelerators Laboratory (Batavia, Illinois, USA), Superconducting Supercollider Laboratory (Dallas, Texas, USA), TRIUMF accelerator center (Canada), Argonne and Sandia National Laboratories (USA), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna, Russia), National Nuclear Centre (Kazakhstan) and other research centers and universities of the USA, Germany Russia, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic, Korea, India and others. The Institute cooperates actively with IAEA on nuclear security.
The Institute is the only center in the Central Asian region for the International Nuclear Information System (INIS).

Institute carries out permanently works in the framework of the National program on preparing the human resources by the Magistracy – Post-graduate study – Doctor's degree chain. Two specialized councils work at the Institute to award the higher scientific degrees in physics & mathematics and engineering.

The Institute and its enterprises produce instrumentation and products for mining, oil and gas, electro-technical industries, medicine, pharmaceutics, agriculture, ecology and others.
Enterprises (daughter establishments at the Institute):

  • State enterprise «Radiopreparat»;
  • R&D Share «Tezlatgich»;
  • Design department with experimental plant.