An excursion was organized for the students of the nongovernmental educational institution "Eureka Knowledge" in Tashkent

It has become a tradition to organize excursions at the Institute of Nuclear Physics to familiarize with the scientific work in nuclear physics and nuclear technology in order to increase the knowledge of physics and nuclear physics for high school graduates and college students near the Tashkent Institute of Nuclear Physics.
On October 30, 2019, 21 students from the Eureka Knowledge Center, Tashkent, visited the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

At the beginning of the tour, scientific secretary Igamov S.B informed the students about the current and future plans of the Institute.
The students then visited the unique facilities of the Neutron generator, gamma equipment and VVR-SM reactor, where they were introduced to the research projects and work processes.

At the end of the excursion the students had a great impression on the Institute and said goodbye.
Many thanks to the administration of the institute that contributed to the successful tour. Special thanks to Mr.Normurodov, Mr.Buzrukov, Mr.Alikulov and the staff of the reactor, neutron generator and gamma equipment.